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Audi E-bike

German Automaker Audi has set to debut a prototype e-bike which is highly advanced and engineered precisely. It can even  pop wheelies for you!! How cool is that ?? :B

The Audi’s e-bike has a 2.3kW electric motor which delivers upto 184 lb-ft of torque. It has a Li-ion battery which can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. The bike can be driven in 5 modes : Pure, Pedelec, eGrip, Power Wheelie, and Balanced Wheelie modes.

The bike weighs around 24 pounds and is made from carbon-fiber re-enforced polymer.

The e-bike is equipped with a smartphone that serves as the electronic control system of the bike. It can go up to speeds of 50mph. The seat has a built-in tail light.

tail light

Check out the video of Julien Dupont(one of world’s renowned riders) riding and testing Audi’s e-bike .