Xperia X8 updated to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwitch) + nAa kernel

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Mobile Phones
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I used to have GingerDX running in my X8 for a while now. Thought of porting ICS, so had to unlock the bootloader, flash nAa kernel and got the miniCM9 ported it to my x8.


Home Screen:

ICS home screen

Menu Screenshot:

Menu Screenshot

Settings Screenshot:

Android Version & Kernel :

Alarm Clock: Daam, that looks really cool ! :B


Initial Review:

I just started using this ROM. The initial boot after installing the ROM takes about 1 -2 minutes but then it gets faster.

The graphics looks really flashy and good.

But, later after installing a few apps , I felt that there is a small lag in opening the Dialer and the App Drawer. I have not installing swap memory as I have a Class 2 Micro-SD card and there would be poor performance if I added swap. I will be adding a swap after I get a Class 4 or a Class 6 Micro-SD card.

Will be posting a HOW-TO on unlocking bootloader, flashing nAa kernel and  installing ICS soon. So stay tuned and don’t forget to Follow my blog!  :B


  1. seascapesaus says:

    The graphics do look great! Your introduction is interesting because it shows me how different the same language can be (when it relates to software)! Keep up the good work EXTREME!

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