Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express Offline Install

Posted: October 9, 2012 in C#, Programming
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You can download Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express Offline Installer from the Microsoft website. Or you can download it using the link below.

Download Link : Visual Studio Express 2012 Offline Installer (~608 MB)

It is an ISO image file, you can install it easily either by burning the ISO to a CD/DVD or simply by mounting the ISO using “DEAMON Tools Lite” . It can be downloaded from here.“Mount” the ISO file you downloaded using the DEAMON Tools Lite and run the “wdexpress_full.exe“.


Install screen

Installation Progress:

Installation progress

Successful Complete Installation:

Completed Installation

Visual Studio 2012 Start page :

Visual Studio 2012 start page



  1. alessandro says:

    Damn Thank You! You really a lifesafer for us in developing world!

  2. rams says:

    good work man u are great

  3. Thanks you saved my searching time 🙂

  4. Crafter_SK (Java, C# and C++ Programmer) says:

    Cool Thx

  5. kousalya says:

    i can install in windows 7?

  6. Ok Lang Ako says:

    so sir this one dont need to be activated anymore??
    sorry im a newbie

  7. TGB says:

    Thank you sir! (:

  8. Rob says:

    Any tips for Express 2013?
    Also, how do you stop Express 2012 from asking for the “licence” to be extended all the time? (Without an internet connection, not possible?)

  9. Milton says:

    Gracias por tu aporte

  10. Odair Machado says:

    Thank you so much!

  11. B3r3c7k says:

    I was really in need of an offline instance of VS installer. Thank you for this one!

  12. Dark says:

    Hello Sir Thank you for .. sharing this but .. hhm when im installing it .. it stops in Mcs SQL Server 2012 Management Objects (x64)

  13. Dark says:

    hhm i m using Win7 Ultimate …

  14. SHimul Parves says:

    THanks a lot. When i download this software from Microsoft, it give me the way to online install. Then i searched and found ur blog. 🙂 Then i able to download it. 🙂

  15. i start it but visual c++ not creat a project what is the problem

    • ΞXΤЯ3МΞ says:

      Hi Zeeshan,

      I did not understand the problem correctly. Could you please provide a detailed description of the error and the screenshot ? And what is your your OS type, account type: (admin account/standard account?


  16. shihad says:

    do you have crack for vitual 2012

  17. sreeramdasu balaji says:

    thank you i downloaded any files but it is working this is the working fine,


  18. billel says:

    can you give me the serial key

  19. Seer Moi says:


  20. Afham says:

    I Really appreciate your work. Thank lot!!

  21. Gaurav Meena says:

    i found a serial key which is working, after installing VS 2012 goto “Help” >> “Register Product” and use the below key for registering pdoduct:


  22. Jorge Terrazas says:

    If this is truly Express, the license should not expire.
    Anyhow, thanks for keeping this download here, because they have already taken down the 2012 Express from Microsoft. We have some modules that specifically need the 2012 Studio to be able to function properly. There’s still about 2-3 years before those modules become obsolete.

    Thanks once again.

  23. less says:

    here’s the Serial guys

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