Installing Windows 7 using a USB drive (without CD/DVD)

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Hacks, Technology, Windows
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I was playing around with my old Dell Laptop which had Windows XP Professional installed in it. I just finished installing Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit using my 8GB USB drive and this post is about how to install Windows 7 from an ISO image using a USB Drive without using any CD/DVD.

Stuff you will need :

  • Windows 7 ISO image file
  • WinToFlash : You can download it from here. (~ 26MB)
  • DEAMON Tools Lite : Download it from here.
  • A USB drive (with atleast 4 GB of free  space).

Step 1: Format USB Drive

I recommend that if you have any files in your USB , then backup those files before performing a format as formatting the USB drive will permanently erase all your files from the USB drive.

Just make sure you have the option “Quick Format” is enabled.

Step 2: Mount Windows 7 ISO

Install DEAMON Tools Lite and open up the DEAMON Tools lite program and “Mount” the Windows 7 ISO file. This the ISO file will be mounted in a virtual drive. Just take a note of the drive letter where it is mounted.

Step 3: Transfer Windows 7 installation to USB

Extract the contents of the WinToFlash file you downloaded earlier to any folder in your computer. Now, open that folder and open “WinToFlash.exe


You will now see the Start screen. Now click on the the huge “Green Tick Mark” .

Now, Press “Next” .


Specifying Path

Now, you will have to select the “Windows File Path” as the drive/location where you mounted your ISO file. And, the “USB Drive” as your USB drive. And Press “Next“. Accept the license agreement and click “Continue“.

This will take a while (about 10-15 minutes depending on your system) to copy all the files to the USB drive. After the copying is finished, click “Next” and press “Exit“.

Step 4 : Reboot & Install 

Now, make sure you have your USB drive plugged into your system and reboot your computer. Now, during the reboot phase, at your BIOS screen (press F2 or F8 depending on what is showed on your BIOS screen) , and change the boot order and select it to boot from “USB” as default. Now, save changes and reboot.

This will now load the Windows 7 Setup from USB and you can install it just as you are installing from a DVD.

I prefer installing this way rather than installing from DVD, as the setup is much faster and also there is almost no risk of the setup being corrupted.

Hope this helps. Don’t forget to follow my blog.



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