Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Offline Install

Posted: September 28, 2012 in C#
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You can download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Offline Installer from the Microsoft website. Or you can download it using the link below.

Download Link : Visual Studio 2010 Offline Installer (~694 MB)

It is an ISO image file, you can install it easily either by burning the ISO to a CD/DVD or simply by mounting the ISO using “DEAMON Tools Lite” . It can be downloaded from here.  “Mount” the ISO file you downloaded using the deamon tools and run the “Setup.exe“.


The setup is simple and self explanatory. I have currently installed Visual C# 2010 Express in my system to work on some C# projects.


  1. Dexter says:

    Thanks !! So good! XD

  2. AnyOneShouldSay says:

    Thank you For Providing an Offline Installer Very helpful and kind of you

  3. xyz says:

    I can not find the setup exe in the iso file.

    • ΞXΤЯ3МΞ says:

      @xyz , Make sure that you have downloaded the ISO properly and it is not corrupt. After that, Mount the ISO using Deamon Tools Lite and open the virtual drive, and you should see the setup executable file in it. Or else, burn the downloaded ISO to a CD if you need and then you should see the Setup.exe. Feel free to leave a comment if need further help with this.

      Hope this helps!


  4. Asbel says:

    is it for windows xp x86?

  5. Arvin says:

    Wla po ba kaung 2008 ?

  6. Visitors says:

    is this for windows xp sp2 32bit?

  7. Nkosy says:

    WOW thumbs UP!

  8. RYUUZAKI says:

    thank you !

  9. joms says:

    Extreme Thanks a lot
    can you give me more tutorial about visual studio

  10. john christopher says:

    thanks alot .. btw , is there’s any product key ?

  11. TND says:

    Thanks you!

  12. kreet says:

    is this full version..???

  13. thanks so much, its helpful 🙂

  14. mailsrikanta says:

    Thanks….its really helpful.

  15. m3nda says:

    Thank you for links. Sometimes i need to compile with no internet into a vps and this installer is a life/time saver. Online installer is a little bit slow at downloading binarys. Regards.

  16. karima says:

    I wish you great success and a good continuation 🙂

  17. nemo says:

    Is this a full version?

  18. Far Parker says:

    Oh well, thx 🙂 This willhelp me to start learning about creating an app 🙂

  19. CHI says:

    That’s very kind of you! Thanks 🙂

  20. Marius says:


  21. Tks for the link…
    Does you have idea if this ISO includes the “lite” SQL Server? and the associate toolset to admin it? create tables, querys, etc?

  22. Suny says:

    Whether working for windows 7 64 bit?

  23. thank you this really helps

  24. Benny says:

    Thank You for that installer 🙂

  25. kiba095 says:

    are there serial keys needed? by the way thank you man

  26. virtualniyaz says:

    ISO is removed from microsoft site, do you still have it?

  27. Dines says:

    cannot download it anymore

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