Google Announces Android 4.1 Jelly Bean !! Google Now, Voice Assistant, Project Butter and many more features !

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Mobile Phones, Technology
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Google has announced its new version of the Android Operating System: “Android 4.1 Jelly Bean” at Google I/O which is expected to release in mid-July.



  • Google Now:

Jelly Bean features a redesigned search app with a new feature called “Google Now”  that uses your GPS in your phone and the time to give you more useful information. Google Now works by using your search history, calendar, and location to help make search more relevant.

For example, Google Now learns roughly when a person commutes to work and what route they take. It will then check traffic reports each morning and recommend a faster route when there’s one available.

  • Voice Assistant:

This new Android 4.1  has introduced a  voice feature similar to Apple’s Siri which is much faster than Siri. It can understand naturally spoken queries and can even show Wikipedia entries or Google Image search results .

The Google Jelly Bean’s Voice Search brings up search results extremely fast and displays it in a neat UI.

  • Project Butter:

Google said that the new Jelly Bean, comes with a feature known as “Project Butter” which makes it the Android the smoothest of all. This increases Android’s fps(frames per second) and adds vsync and triple buffering and touch responsiveness to improve performance thus creating a smoother user experience.

  • Improved Google Voice Search:

Google’s Voice Search has also been improved as it will work with Google’s recently announced Knowledge Graph. While the Voice Search will show typical Google search results, it will also try to provide smart answers too.

Google Voice Search also supports more languages and better support for the existing languages. It can also be used without connection to the internet.

  • Improved Camera App:

The updated camera app allows you to swipe between the photo you’ll take next and those you’ve shot recently.

  • Improved Android’s Notifications:

In the new Jelly Bean, users can now expand notifications to reveal more information without having to open the applications.

  • Improved Home Screen and UI:

This release will have major improvements in UI and will have a full update of your Home screen Interface . This update will increase your ability to move elements around in several ways, with automatic moving of icons when they’re in the way, automatic resizing of widgets when they do not fit, and pushes back and forth in a much easier way.

  • Updated Android Beam:

Users can now send pictures and video, and they can connect to Bluetooth devices that support NFC by just tapping them.



  1. seascapesaus says:

    Never been convinced about the GPS finding a shorter route. Actually found ourselves almost lost in the Adelaide Hills a couple of weeks ago, following a recommended route! Love the image for the jelly bean – is that the official promo object?

  2. ΞXΤЯ3МΞ says:

    @seascapesaus, yea, GPS is not always accurate! There are newer technologies which are currently being which is much better than GPS. Yea, thats the statue Google kept outside their office! 😀

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