Beginning Python : Installing Python for Windows

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Python, Windows
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Hey guys, today I will be showing you how to get Python installed in your computer to start coding.

[UPDATE: Python 2.7.8 is released and have updated the links in this article.The version we are installing here is 2.7.x and not Python 3.x.x]

Go to

Click on “Python 2.7.8“.

Click on the link that says “Python 2.7.8 Windows Installer” according to your Operating system architecture. (Links32-bit , 64-bit)

Download that file and Install it. Python will be installed in default folder “C:\Python27\“ .

You can now access the Python Interpreter by clicking on Start>All Programs>Python 2.7>IDLE(Python GUI).

A window named “Python Shell ” should have appeared by now.

And now finally to test if python was installed and working properly in your system , type the following line of code:

print "Hello World"

This will give the output Hello World. If you get this output, you have successfully got python configured in your system and also you just wrote your first python program.



  1. Vishnu Bhaskaran says:

    That was really helpful ! Thanks !

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